Organic Lead Generation and Internet Sales Consulting

I’m Daryl Clark and I’ve been running Internet based businesses and advising clients on the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) methods and organic lead generation strategies since 1999. I’m the former V.P. of Marketing for Gatlin Educations Services (now Career Training) and a former Sales Manager for Both of the companies were sold in multi-million dollar deals primarily based on the organic lead generation work I did for them and the resulting significant increase in their sales. I was also a Sales Manager for Bose Corporation for 12 years prior to my Internet consulting career. I provide case studies and references to legitimate potential clients. I can be reached by phone for U.S. based clients at 1-951-286-5551. Philippine based clients can call 09217147221. Contact via email sent to: darylclark29 at or by Skype at daryl.clark. I respond to all inquires within one business day. Consulting calls are primarily by appointment only.

Why is working with me different or better? I produce effective results through a proven track record of real work experience across dozens of industries. Most SEO consultants are SOCK PUPPETS who have read about SEO on the web and then proclaim they are experts. They eventually string you along for thousands of dollars and never produce results. They love to say things like, “well Google is always making changes and we are still adjusting to those changes. Just wait a few more months!” My SEO program will produce significant results in 90 – 120 days guaranteed as long as you follow my advice.

My SEO lead generation program and why it works…….

The primary purpose of a website should be to generate leads from the search engines and other Internet marketing efforts. There are three primary factors in making sure a website will generate leads from the three major search engines which are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

My three step program has proven to be safe and effective. It is important to mention safe because there are many SEO consultants who can ruin your website’s ability to rank by using out of date methods or link building processes that are outside of Google’s terms of Service (TOS). What do you need to succeed? Here are the three steps:

1. A search engine friendly design.

Many sites have flawed designs when related to how the search engines scan result. I specialize in reorganizing websites so they have the best opportunity to rank well in the search engines.

2. The design’s content has to be optimized for search.

Once a site is reorganized I assist in developing the content and triggers needed for each relevant page to have the potential to rank for the related content.

3. Link juice has to be constantly added each month to the site after items one and two above are addressed.

Link juice is the gasoline or rocket fuel that constantly needs to be loaded into the website in order to move up the rankings.

Then end result of following my advice is having a website that effectively generates leads at a low cost per lead vs. other lead sources like Google Ad words or Yellow pages. Over time my cost per lead can get as low as $2.00 lead vs. other more expensive programs depending on the products or services you offer.

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I also provide the following additional consulting services:

  • Email marketing consulting
  • Google Penguin penalty removal services
  • Google Panda evaluation services
  • DCMA filings
  • Google Analytics analysis
  • Content development
  • Updating Wordpress websites and web design consulting
  • Sales and marketing consulting

I’m based in Angeles City, Philippines. Call me today from the U.S. or other countries 1-951-286-5551 for a no charge 30 minute consulting session. Philippine customers can reach me at 09217147221. My office hours are 4:00 p.m. PST to 11 p.m. PST or alternative times by appointment.