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We are a Google Certified Partner, Bing Accredited Agency and our entire staff of PPC experts is Google Adwords and Analytics Certified.

Our methodology involves continual data collection, data analysis and A/B Testing to give you a significant edge over your competition.

We provide consulting and PPC services to businesses of any size. We but we are exclusive partners with within your niche.  You will hear us use the word “partner,” often and we want to talk about our relationship. We’re partners, not vendors, and we have seen the power of collaboration and synergy work best when we work with you, not for you. We take on the responsibility of your marketing and expect that you will hold our feet to the fire for results.

Get in touch with us to discover how we can work with you to improve and show you measurable PPC results.

We partner with agencies and brands – we take a collaborative working with your creative and management teams approach to Search Engine Marketing.

Bob Gilmour
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Specialties: Creating precise and specified PPC marketing campaigns that target the correct audience in the most effective and cost-efficient way

Text Ads

With any successful PPC campaign, determining your overall goals and coming up with a plan to achieve those goals (while maintaining a positive ROI) is critical. Our PPC campaigns are most successful with tightly packed ad groups. In many cases 1-5 keywords per ad. This ensures only the most relevant ads are shown. We continually gather data, analyze it perform A/B testing to get your campaign running like a well-oiled machine. We target branded and non-branded keywords to come up with the right mix. Additional keywords are added, underperformers are removed and the process is repeated throughout the life of the campaign.

  • Negative Keywords – It is critical that all PPC campaigns have negative keywords. Making sure only qualified visitors see your ad is crucial for maximizing ROI.
  • Custom Landing Pages – Having a landing page specifically tailored to one ad will increase your quality score, increase your ad position and decrease your overall cost per click.
  • Tighter Ad Groups – Having very tight ad groups (1-5 keywords) will help ensure that only the most relevant message is seen by your visitors.
  • Quality Score Optimization - Quality scores must be monitored and continually improved to insure the lowest cost per acquisition possible is achieved
  • A/B Testing – Page layout, calls to action and value propositions should be continually tested.


In addition to standard PPC ads we also manage remarketing campaigns. We will target visitors that have been to your site and display ads that are most relevant to them on other highly visible sites.

Call Tracking

Call tracking allows us to measure the volume and length of calls to the site that result from our campaign. Calls can also be recorded for training purposes.



"Your landing page built in 2 days was better than what our design team has done in 4 months. Thank you!"

David Dwyer
MBA,V.P. of Sales and Operations, Miller Pest and Termite Solutions

Additional references available to qualified clients.